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Book 1: Cat Fear No Evil January 7, 2008

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One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to read 100 books this year. I’m not exactly sure how many I read a year typically… I figured this would be a good way to find out.

Book 1: Cat Fear No Evil by Shirley Rousseau Murphy

This is about the 9th book in Murphy’s Joe Grey series of novels. To be frank, the books aren’t that great. I read them because I enjoy the main characters – they’re sentient cats who play detective. They help out the local PD with various crimes and make friends along the way.

Anyhow… Cat Fear No Evil was better than the previous book in the series. Still, it was clumsy and heavy-handed as even the best of the series are. I still enjoy reading about Joe, Dulcie, and Kit’s antics, but I’m getting antsy for some resolutions to the situations the human characters are in.

Would I recommend this one? Depends… if you’re looking for a *good* read, no, I wouldn’t. If you’re looking for some utterly mindless, turn-off-your-brain reading, sure. Especially if you’ve made it this far in the series.


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