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Quads Can Talk & They’re Kinda Bitchy January 8, 2008

Filed under: running — bendtheround @ 7:55 pm

The workout I did yesterday sure did something. I woke up functional this morning, but sore – good sore, I-got-a-good-workout sore, but that’s still sore. The problem was that I needed to do a 3.5 mile run this morning (according the Training Schedule). I dragged myself out of bed and got to it, though I suppose I ought to admit that I wasn’t as good a sport about it as I could have been.

I learned something as I trotted off into the sunrise. Quads are far more communicative than one might think. When they’re not feeling like getting with the program, the rebellion begins – oddly enough, there seem to be stages of protest.

  • First, the Peaceful Protest… you can feel your muscles working but it doesn’t hold you up at all. You’re just aware that you’re working a little harder than usual to get the job done.
  • Second, the Ominous Grumblings… starts to hurt a bit – not enough to really call it “pain” but maybe moderate discomfort and the effort required to keep moving is ratcheted up a notch.
  • Third, Plain Old Pissed – now it hurts… or maybe just majorly uncomfortable (I *can* be a weenie sometimes)…and it takes some real effort to keep up the pace.
  • Fourth, Sullen – you’ve been moving long enough to have the rhythm going… the quads are pissed about it but seem to have retreated to figure out the next move. This is a short phase.
  • Fifth, Obnoxiously Limp Toddler – ever tried to pick up a little kid who just doesn’t want to co-operate? Some of them kick and scream, and some of them make you work for it a different way – they go limp. Like a peacefully protesting hippy unwilling to let it go without putting up a non-fight (because aggression is bad karma, man), they’ll make you carry their dead weight as far as possible. Turns out quads can do the same thing. They turn to lead, while simultaneously flipping you the bird and saying “oh yeah? well try it without me then, bitch.” At this point there was little I could do but depend on inertia and lurch a bit when I started to lose speed. Turns out it’s possible to keep going… take that quads. Ha!

Tomorrow is my first 6 x 400 -type workout. Never having been a member of a track or cross-country team, I’ve never had this particular pleasure. Should be interesting. I remember when playing tennis that it wasn’t bad at all to keep running the whole game because A) I wasn’t going far (tennis courts aren’t all that big…even if the ball has to be chased to the opposite end, it’s not that far) and B) there were plenty of rest periods. So, maybe this’ll be fun!

493.5 miles to go!


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