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You Win This Round, Quads (or, Pwned by Quads) January 9, 2008

Filed under: running — bendtheround @ 3:12 pm

It turns out that the Obnoxiously Limp Toddler stage of the Quad Rebellion was a strategic feint. The real rebellion was launched and ramped up late yesterday into early this morning… The tactic? Extreme post-run muscle soreness. Before bed last night, I nearly fell down just walking across the room because those damn muscles just gave out. I rolled over in my sleep last night, putting pressure on those sore muscles – the resulting pain actually woke me up. The first thing I did this morning was pop two ibprofen. Oh yes, I am Queen Wuss. And I want to call a truce.

What’s that you say? If I call for peace now, the quads win!?!

There’s no shame in working together. Especially in cases in which failing to work together results in poor circumstances for both parties. In this particular case, I fell far short of my usual mantra of “Listen to your body.” That’ll be a topic for another post, though.

Terms of peace…

1. I will continue to do weight lifting, but I will be MUCH more careful to not overdo it.

2. When doing runs the day after lifting (or the day of lifting), I will be extremely attentive to how my muscles are reacting to the run – and I will pare down the run if necessary by either slowing down, shortening the distance, or both.

3. Quads will learn to suck up some amount of abuse. Muscles are built by tearing and rebuilding. Period. Deal with it. I’ll just do what I can to make the process easier.

Deal? Deal.

Now to celebrate our agreement with the adding of more ibprofen to my system.


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