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Book 4: Cat Cross Their Graves by Shirley Rousseau Murphy January 23, 2008

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This is the 10th book in the Joe Grey series by Shirley Rousseau Murphy. I picked it up from the library yesterday after work and pretty much inhaled it. (I haven’t been feeling well, so I decided to rest and read instead of hitting the gym and/or doing the usual domestic chores around the house.)

Maybe it’s the blossoming headcold talking, but I enjoyed this one more than any of the other recent books in the series. Kit really comes into her own in this story and the human characters feel a bit more fleshed out and realistic in Cat Cross Their Graves. One of the problems with the series is the behavior of the law enforcement characters – they run with information from their snitches (they don’t know the cats are passing them tips) and get convictions despite being unable to identify the source of the information. I wonder at the legality of some of their activity, too – such as digging under a suspect’s house without a warrant or permission from the suspect or landlord. Maybe that’s kosher – I don’t know, I’m not a lawyer. But anyhow, this time, the behavior of the Molena Point PD was a bit more in line with my idea of how cops behave – much more “by the book.” Still not perfect, but better.

Overall, I’d say this one is as good as the very earliest in the series. I’m looking forward to seeing if the improvements continue in the next title in the series.


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