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Bend the Round Evolves… February 8, 2008

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I started this blog on a sorta-whim. Some of the coolest people I know have blogs, and I enjoy the hell out them.

I wanna be cool kid, too! So I did no research and slapped this one up on WordPress to monkey around with and see what happened. It started out to be just a place for me to record some of the nutty things I think of in my spare time. The nuttiness is still hanging about, but as I continued to tinker, Bend the Round turned into the place where I keep track of my progress on my various New Year’s Resolutions – particularly, my quest to run 500 miles in 2008, run a sub-2 hr 20 min half marathon, and read 100 books. It also contains a few video game reviews, reports on stuff on the web that entertains me, and The List…my list of books I’d like to read. I’ve never seen it all on one page before. Is it bad to be a little intimidated by your own recreational To Read list??

While in it’s absolute infancy, I didn’t really tell anybody about Bend the Round. I mentioned it to some family, my charming boyfriend, and that’s about it. I’m a little more comfortable with the whole thing now, so I think I’m going to broadcast it a little more, just to see if anybody is interested in it. They probably won’t be… but you never know. It’d be REALLY cool to get some comments going on books and I’m always up for another source of good book suggestions.

So I’m opening this sucker up today by emailing the link to friends and family and posting a note about it on my Facebook page. (Yes, I have a MySpace page, but only because two people insist on keeping their personal blogs there and I’d like to keep up with both of them. Otherwise, I’d close my account immediately. I freakin’ hate MySpace.)

I’m hoping that some of you come by and read this because I’d like your opinion on something – privacy. I’m not an advocate of putting too much personal information out on the ol’ interwebs. So far, I think I’ve used one first name in all my posts. I haven’t specifically identified where I live or where I’m from. Bend the Round is pretty locked down. Should it be locked down to this level? What do you think is reasonable? I have no intention of posting phone numbers or social security numbers up here – that’s obviously insane… but a certain level of information is probably both safe and helps with readability. For example, if I’m relating an amusing anecdote, it’d be pretty tiresome to label people Friend #1, Friend #2, or My Buddy from Philly, etc. Do you think first names and maybe last name initials are OK? That’s the way I’m leaning… Hey, some of your names could wind up here, so let me know what you think!


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