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Book 7: Cat Breaking Free February 9, 2008

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This is the 11th novel in the Joe Grey series, and while the writing is still not great, I like the direction she’s taking the story now.

The Joe Grey series can be pretty frustrating. I’m a sucker for animals, like a lot of people, so the idea of talking cats with human level intelligence is very appealing to me. It’s the execution of the novel that’s so frustrating. I can’t help thinking that Shirley Rousseau Murphy’s come up with a golden idea, and just doesn’t have the god-given fantasy-writing talent to do it the justice it deserves. I’m tickled that she’s keeping at it, though. The 10th and 11th books have shown a little bit of improvement I think, so I won’t give up hope.

There’s one more book in the series left (though, given the way this one ended, I’ll be shocked if it’s the last one). I’ll pick it up from the library as soon as I can so I can get this series polished off.

Once again, if you’ve made it through the series this far, I’d say go ahead and pick up Cat Breaking Free. It’s a better read than most of the novels in the middle of the series – and you’ve gotten this far, so you might as well push on through to the end!


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