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Gearing Up for 9 Mile Run & Training Like Chuck February 9, 2008

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I *finally* sent in the paperwork to register for the half marathon I’ve been training for. (That’s right…I’ve been busting my ass training for an event I wasn’t even registered for.) So, I’m in for it now – better keep up with the training!

Each week’s training includes a long run and a shorter run on the weekend. Last weekend’s long run (10K – that’s 6.2 miles) happened to coincide with the Super Bowl. It really shouldn’t have kept me from running, but I got lazy and used the excuse presented to me.

This weekend’s run is a 9 miler and the shorter one is 4 miles. I’ve got the routes mapped out. The 9 miler will be to the office and back – that’ll give me a good halfway point to refill the hydration pack if I need to. The four miler will be out and back to the library – I’ve got books that need to go back, so I can kill two birds with one stone. I’ve checked the weather and looks like I’ll be clear for both runs. It should be in the 40s or low 50s and clear. It might be a bit windy, which is a bit of a bitch, but it’s better than cold and rainy.

(Warm and rainy is supposedly awesome running weather. I’ve never gotten a real good warm rainy run in – the best I’ve gotten is a warm drizzle. It was fun, but Master Shake’s voice kept popping into my head yelling goofy catch phrases. “I am the Drizzle!” “Call me the Drizzle!” It’s hard to laugh and run at the same time. I suppose if I didn’t laugh out loud at the funny things I think, it’d be easier, but I don’t roll that way.)

Last time I prepped for a half marathon, I almost entirely skipped the weight training aspect. I had hurt my right wrist when moving into my current residence, so it hurt to lift heavy things with my right hand. It’s kinda tough to weight train when you can’t actually LIFT things, so I skipped it. Not a great idea, but that’s where I was. (Yes, I *could* have done a lot of weight lifting exercises that didn’t involve my injured wrist, but once again, I took lazy way out when an excuse was available.)

After a couple months of physical therapy, I’m good to go for weight lifting again. I started up following a routine that my boyfriend set up for me – really like it, too. It’s all pushups and situps and various exercises that don’t require fancy, expensive, and potentially intimidating equipment. It kicked my ass in a good way and I made some good progress with it. After he and I joined the local rec center, though, a weight training class caught our attention. It’s called Gravity class.

Remember the Total Gym? If you don’t, Chuck Norris will pound you into the ground like a railroad spike. He used to hock the things on TV. Here’s a photo!


The machines used in Gravity class are basically beefed up Total Gyms. It looked suspiciously like fun to slide around on the thing, so I gave it a try. The first instructor wasn’t to my taste – she had a drill instructor/boot camp kinda style, which seriously detracted from the fun-factor – but the second instructor I tried was pretty cool. I’ve been to three of her classes now, and am really enjoying it. It’s tough, but it is kinda fun. It’s kinda funny to me that I have to crank the thing up to the hardest level to get a good workout for my legs, but have to take it way back down for my upper body work. Guess all that running did build some muscle after all! So, Gravity class is working out just fine. Plus, I get to say that I train like Chuck! Only my shorts are eye-gougingly hot pink. And actually… a big longer than Chuck’s. No further comment…


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