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Bubba-Ho-Tep & a Nine Miler February 10, 2008

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A bunch of us got together last night at our place (our place being the townhouse shared between Luke, my boyfriend Matt, and me) to watch Bubba-Ho-Tep. If you haven’t seen it, it’s absolutely worth seeking out. In the movie, Elvis Presley is in a nursing home. He switched places with an impersonator ages ago, which explains how he’s still alive. The only person who believes that he’s really the King is a black man who insists that he’s JFK. He claims that after Dallas, the CIA filled the blown away spot in his brain with sand and dyed him black to hide him. Oh wait, it gets better. The nursing home is under attack by an Egyptian mummy/cowboy/zombie/ghost and Elvis and JFK have to fight it off. Oh yeah… Bruce Campbell plays Elvis.

Priceless. Absolutely priceless. There are so many great quotes from the movie. I know we missed a bunch because we were laughing so hard. One I particularly enjoyed was “Eat dog dick of Anubis, you ass wipe!”

Anyway, we were up pretty late. I went to sleep around 1:00 am, but the guys were all up much later.

Matt and I wound up sleeping in until around noon. We got up, had something to eat, and I started getting ready for the run.

I like to eat a little cereal before running, then wait at least 30 minutes before getting started. This time, I had some Cream of Wheat with honey and milk and a piece of toast with some more honey. (The honey is from my cousin’s apiary. Yeah, I used the proper term for a place where bees are kept in a sentence. And yeah, I have cousins who keep freakin’ bees. Kick-ass. But I digress.)

Fifteen minutes before take-off, I’ll typically consume a gel shot – Gu is my favorite. During the fifteen minutes between Gu consumption and heading out, I’ll check my equipment and supplies (ie, load up my hydration pack with water, additional Gu, ID, phone, wallet, keys, and pepper spray – I have been accused of being a raving paranoid, but as I have yet to be mugged, raped, or murdered while on a run, I think I’ll keep up my little ritual). After supply-check, I’ll stretch out, then it’s usually about time to get going.

Today’s nine miler was an out-and-back run instead of a loop. The halfway point was the office.

One of the very nice things about living where I do is that there are a lot of bike paths. There’s one that runs from my backyard all the way to the office. Does it get any better than that? Yeah, it does, but not by much at all. 😉  Anyhow, that’s the trail I took today. It’s a good trail. Asphalt all and sidewalk all the way. The only detractions are the crosswalks. It’s absolutely inevitable in this area. Eventually, you have to cross the road. Most places have a pedestrian light and all of the particularly dangerous intersections certainly have them. After a number of close calls, I absolutely refuse to cross the road without the pedestrian light. It’s annoying to lose time, but I’ll finish a lot faster if I’m not street pizza. So, I knew that my run time would be hurt by waiting at crosswalks.

Two things happened that I did not anticipate. One, my lower back bothered me again. I’m beginning to suspect my hydration pack. I never really had trouble with it before that I remember (my memory is a bit faulty about such things, though). I’ve got a 10 miler to do next weekend. If it hurts my back again next weekend, then I’ll have to start considering alternatives. There were several times that I stopped to walk and give my back a little break. When I reached the halfway point, I stopped for a couple minutes to stretch it out again as well as I could.

The other thing that happened was a call from my landlord. He got a nasty-gram from the HOA (that’s Home Owner’s Association for any of you lucky enough to not know about them) about Luke’s motorcycle – the tags are expired. I needed to slow down to a stroll to carry my end of the conversation, so that hit my time also. Expect a rant about how much I freaking HATE HOAs in the somewhat near future.

Other than that, the run went well. I ran stronger than I expected on the way home and that’s really pretty cool. Knowing that you’re scooting along well even though you’re working on mile seven is pretty darn neat. It also helped that the way home is mostly a gentle downward incline.

And it was a beautiful day for a run. It was in the mid-50s, the sun was out, and there were big puffy clouds for a lot of the run. There were plenty of things to see – people walking little frou-frou dogs, a pair of Canadian geese (which are insanely mean, in case you didn’t know… the pepper spray isn’t just for potential muggers – I’m much more likely to be attacked by an animal than a person, and while I’d hate to admit macing a goose, I’d do it if I had to), several ponds, lots of cars…and so on. It was a nice run.

The final time? 2 hrs and 50 seconds. Well above the pace I’ll need to keep to make my goal time for the half marathon, but I’m not likely to have to wait at cross-walks or field questions from my landlord during that particular 13.1 miles. And I’ll certainly not stop halfway for a rest! 😉


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