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Silver Lining in a Rotten Training Week February 13, 2008

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I’ve gotten lazy this week. Bad news. I did well on my 9 mile run on Saturday and have since dropped the ball.

I missed my 4 mile pace run on Sunday. Matt and I had a lovely sleep-in late morning, then I took him for a couples massage as a birthday gift. After that, we floated around Kohls perusing the outrageously awesome clearance deals. It was a lovely day.

I missed my regular 4.5 mile run on Monday. I just didn’t go. I wasn’t feeling quite well – tired, worn out, etc – but I really could have toughed it out.

Yesterday was supposed to be a weight-training day. The class is in the evening, so I *could* have gone to make up a run in the morning and I didn’t. The weather was awful – we had an ice storm, so everything was covered in a layer of ice. The area I live in PANICS like the seventh seal has been broken and the full wrath of the Apocalypse has been unleashed at the very rumor of icy or snowy weather. The actual advent of bad weather pretty much brings traffic to a standstill. After work I went home, changed for the gym and then headed for my place of polling with the intention of voting and then heading to the gym. I had to very slowly pick my way to the elementary school where I go to vote, but civic duty is important, so I stuck it out. The poll is only a couple miles from the gym. It took me 40 minutes to get there. And Gravity class was canceled when I arrived. Figures.

So, I decided I could finally make up one of the runs I had missed. Might as well, right?

I stretched, set up my favorite running music, and warmed up. I used the same trick of covering the readout with my towel and started up. I realized pretty quickly that I was moving along pretty good, so I peeked at my info earlier than I intended to see how I was doing. Turned out, I was cruising along at a 10 minute a mile pace (6.0 mph) and had been for 1.25 miles. I have never broken the 20 barrier for 2 miles and I was moving along at just the right pace to make it! I kept the same pace until about 1.9 miles and then kicked it up a bit to ensure that I made it. 19:53 for 2 miles! Kick. Ass. (for me)

I made a quick celebratory gesture…which knocked my towel off the treadmill. Crap. I hit Pause so I could hop off, grab it, and hop back on. Good plan, except in the process of hopping off, I accidentally hit the Emergency Stop button on the treadmill rail. This cleared my workout record, fully stopped the treadmill, and reset everything. Double Crap. I snagged the towel, hopped back on and geared the treadmill back up as fast as I could.

Something I didn’t really know when I started running is just how much it can hurt if you run real hard for a while and then STOP. Ow. It makes me feel pukey. I’m not sure what it does to everybody else. Anyhow, I wasn’t able to get the treadmill moving again fast enough to prevent the hurt. Ugh.

I have a couple rules about running. One of them is this – I will NOT run so hard that I puke. Will not. Won’t do it. Barring being chased by a pack of rabid wolves or some other catastrophic emergency, there’s no way in hell I’ll push myself until my body reaches the point at which it’s willing to start turning itself inside out to get me stop.

That left me in the unusual situation of needing to run to keep myself from retching – very odd. I kept trotting to try to reverse the “damage” I’d done by stopping too fast. After a couple tenths of a mile, I started feeling better, thank goodness.

Then I got a nasty stitch in my right side. And another in my left. I haven’t had stitches that bad in ages. I know you’re supposed to run through them, but that’s pretty darn hard. I kept going until I hit .7 miles and the stitches weren’t budging… so I quit. I probably shouldn’t have, but I did. I hurt, and not in a good way, and that’s just not how I roll.

So, while I did break my 2 mile time record, I wasn’t able to finish even the 4 mile run I had missed. Thank goodness for the silver lining in a week of sucks-so-far!


2 Responses to “Silver Lining in a Rotten Training Week”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Great job on the treadmill running, they are awful beasts!! I too have made the same mistakes of clearing all my progress, it really sucks big time, I’ve done it with my handy dandy Garmin too, which double sucks because I don’t really keep up because it’s not staring me in the face. I like your idea of throwing your towel over the panel, I’m going to try that next time I’m forced into running on the beast. Keep up the good work and try to get in those miles, it’s really tough when it’s cold, at least I don’t have to deal with the snow and ice.

  2. bendtheround Says:


    How do you like your Garmin? So far everybody I’ve talked to that has one loves it. Periodically, I start thinking it might be worth the investment. What do you think? Are they a good buy?

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