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Post-Valentine’s Day 5 Miler, and Prepping for the Weekend February 15, 2008

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Valentine’s day was lovely. Matt made me a beautiful dinner which was followed by a selection of fresh fruit for dessert. I was so full when we sat down to watch cartoons after dinner, but as it got later, I got inexplicably snacky. I wanted ice cream. Badly. Since it was Valentine’s Day and I could get away with it, I insisted that Matt and I each have a bowl of ice cream. We had our sweet, sweet snack around 10 pm last night. What a delicious mistake.

I’ve been fighting a losing battle against laziness this week. I missed both strength training days, my tempo run, and my regular 4.5 mile run. I really needed to correct the downward spiral today. Matt got up at 6:00 am when the alarm went off, thank goodness. If he hadn’t, I seriously doubt I would have dragged my carcass out of bed and the spiral would likely have continued.

I thought it was breakfast sitting funny when we got to the gym this morning. Once he mentioned it, though, I think Matt was right – it was the ice cream. I knew I had to get 5 miles in today and it looked like I was going to have to do it with a rock sitting in my stomach. I stretched, warmed up, and got to it. I figured I’d better go a bit slower than usual today so I wouldn’t be sick or get stitches, so I stuck to a 5.5 to 5.8 mph pace for most of the run. I was able to finish just fine and even kicked up the pace to about 6.4 mph (9 min 22 sec mile pace, I think) for the last half mile. I finished in 53 min and 57 sec.

I haven’t done a timed 5 mile run in a LONG time. I did a 5 mile run with my sister in December, but it was her first race and she asked me to stick with her, so, really, that was HER 5 mile time and not mine. The last 5 mile time I really have was my very first race back in…2006? That time was 1 hr 14 min and some change, I think. Granted, it was a trail run, and I’ve had plenty of time to train, but still, that’s a decent improvement.

(If you’re not familiar with trail runs, here’s my canned explanation – Trail runners run on the trails that people with more sense hike. Think rocks, roots, streams, and slippery leaves. Surfaces and conditions that inspire people to douse themselves in DEET, pack in food and water, and bring a walking stick to help them along – trail runners slap on a pair of shorts and sprint over this terrain. Over hill and dale, through the streams, whatever it takes. It’s dangerous as hell, and a hell of a lot of fun. I’ve gotta do another one some time because that first run was such a blast.)

Anyway, if I had been smarter about my food intake, I suspect I could have done better. I’ve got another 5 miler scheduled for Monday, so I’ll try to be appropriately prepared and see if I can beat today’s time.

I suspect it will be tough to be as ready as I could be, though. My parents are having their annual Anti-Winter Party this weekend. The Anti-Winter Party started a couple winters ago. See, we’re beach people. We like the sun and are not overly fond of the cold. I hate being cold. So, toward the end of the winter, when we’re good and sick of it, we crank up the heat in the house, put on shorts and bathing suits, and throw a party. “Party” to my family means movies, video games, cooking, LOTS of food and even more alcohol, and most of all good conversation. It’s a BLAST. I’m looking forward to it, but it’s going to make eating sensibly and staying hydrated a little tough. 🙂 Not to mention that I’ll likely still be a little sore from the 10 miler I need to cram in tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

One more note. This morning’s 5 miler brought my total mileage for 2008 up to 75.4. I’m over 75 miles and I’m not to the end of the second month of the year! Woo hoo! Only 424.6 miles to go to reach my goal of 500 miles in 2008!


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