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I Shall Have New Godlike Powers! February 18, 2008

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…on Sept 7, 2008…

When Spore is released!


Spore is a game by Will Wright, the guy that gave us Sim City and The Sims. Seems to me that he practically invented one of my favorite game genres – the God game genre. God games are simulation games in which you control characters and/or the environment. Often, you don’t “win” God games, you just work to achieve, which gives them a near infinite replay value and allows a level of creativity that it’s available in other types of games.

Anyway… Spore… The idea behind Spore is to give the player control over evolution. Supposedly, you start with a single-cell organism evolve the creatures from there all the way to complex, space-faring civilizations. You’re supposed to have control over how the creatures look, so they can be as cute, as ugly, or as bizarre as you want. Awesome. The game has been in development for years. I heard a rumor that they had the evolution part down, but that the actual game wasn’t all that fun. If that’s true, I’m glad they held off to make the game work well. The concept is really pretty amazing – and ambitious.

So mark your calendars! September 7th, 2008! And cross your fingers for no more delays.


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