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This Wednesday’s Excuse Is… February 28, 2008

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…fender bender!

At first, I thought I’d go to the gym in the basement at the office. I was just supposed to do a 45 minute tempo run and those aren’t too bad (tempo runs, according to, start off nice and easy then slowly build up in speed to the halfway point, then slow back down). The thing is, the office gym is very tiny – more than two people in there starts to feel pretty crowded. Plus, if someone has put a CD in the stereo, I have to crank up the volume on the ol’ iPod so loud that I can’t help but think that it’s dangerous to my hearing. Anyhow, there were already two people in the gym, and they had the stereo blasting “Whip It Good.”  Nothing against “Whip It Good” but A) it makes me think of Mr. Smithers from the Simpsons and B) it’s just not my kind of workout or running music. So, I opted to load up the car and head for the rec center gym where I can run without anybody invading my personal space and listen to my own tunes.

There’s an unpleasant intersection just a short way from work. The highway I need to make a right turn on is very busy, especially around rush hour. There is a right turn lane with yield sign there, which is where I ran into trouble. When I checked to make sure it was safe to go, I saw that there were cars coming that I hadn’t immediately noticed when starting to turn. I slowed down to a stop at the yield sign. The guy behind me did not.

We got off onto the shoulder pretty quickly. Judging by the (I thought) not inconsiderable jolt I had gotten when he hit me, I figured my back bumper at least would be totaled. As it turns out, a Toyota Matrix can take a hit like a champ. At least, that’s the way it appears so far. The sun was going down when the accident happened, so the light wasn’t great, but as far as either of us could tell, there are just a few scratches. I’ll check again in the morning when the light is good. We exchanged information (turns out we work for the same company – he was leaving work, too) and we both left.

I drove straight home, told Matt all about it, and started laying out this post about Wednesday’s excuse for not training. I knew I was probably still in at least a little bit of shock still when I got home, and I know that shock can mask injury sometimes, so I figured it probably wasn’t a great idea to engage in 45 minutes of high impact aerobic exercise right away. My head snapped back when the car got hit, which was why I figured the damage to the car would have been more serious. Now, seriously, the back of my neck is getting a bit sore and stiff. Not a lot, just enough to make me worry that I might actually have a touch of whiplash, if that’s even actually possible. (Can you have a “touch” of whiplash? Or is like being pregnant…you ARE or you ARE NOT?) The smart bet is that I’m fine. In the morning, I’ll probably be able to chalk up the stiffness to mild hypochondria. Guess I’ll have to let you know then, huh? 🙂


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