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Approaching 100 Miles March 1, 2008

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Last night, Matt and I went to a party a friend of our threw. We were up WAY too late and I wound up not getting out of bed until 2:30 in the afternoon. I haven’t slept that long in quite a while…man, did it feel good. I’d wake up periodically to find the cat curled up on or around me. She can be so damn cute. 🙂

After I got up, I had a light meal and waited for it to settle before heading out for my run. I still had enough sunlight, and it was in the 40s, so I plotted a run through the neighborhood. My routine was so far thrown off, though, it still was pretty hard going. I decided pretty early that I’d better take it easy.

The route took me to the library and back and then for another short loop. The library is across a very busy highway, unfortunately, so I had to wait twice to cross there. I also had to exchange some books at the library, so I had to wait there, also. All together, it took me 61:25 to finish the 5 miles. That’s not too horrible. It’s still a 12+ min pace, but I was hardly at the top of my game there. The best news is that the run did not hurt my neck!

Today’s five miler puts my total miles at 98.4. Tomorrow’s long training run is 11 miles, which will put me very comfortably over the 100 mile mark. 🙂 Excellent. My total miles for February was 45.2. Could have been a lot better, but it could have been a lot worse, too. March will probably see me get about the same mileage or a little higher in. I intend to take a week or two off after the half marathon to recover. If I make my goal time in this half marathon (by some miracle), I’ll use that time to decide on a new goal. If I fall short of the goal time, I’ll use that time to pick the next half marathon. One way or another, I’ll be back running regularly by April 1st at the latest. Those last 400 miles aren’t gonna run themselves!


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