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11 Miles on a Beautiful Day & Breaking 100 March 3, 2008

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Yesterday was a beautiful day for a long run. It was in the upper 40s to mid-50s, clear, breezy, and all-around pretty out.

The route I plotted took me through as many wooded areas as I could manage, so I got to see the crocuses blooming like there’s no tomorrow and I believe I saw some of the trees starting to bud. I even saw plenty of bulbs starting to come up in people’s gardens as I ran by. Spring is trying real hard to get here, and I can’t wait.

Other than the signs of the impending change in season, it was a very uneventful run. I listened to an audiobook instead of music this time. It was my first long run in a couple weeks and I didn’t want to push myself too terribly hard (the right music makes me run harder). I got to see lots of people out walking their dogs or their kids or both, which was cute when they didn’t hog up the running path. I also got to stop at the office about halfway to refill my hydration pack and say hello to Matt who was putting in some extra hours on a project.

My final time for the whole 11 miles was 2 hrs 26 min and 53 seconds. I estimate that I spent about 17 minutes waiting at crosswalks and refilling my hydration pack. Plus, I was carrying a few extra pounds of water and gear in my hydration pack. So, while my time wasn’t as good as I’d like, I’m not too worried about it. I’ll be running lighter during the half marathon and there will be no crosswalks at which I’ll lose time. Both of those will help a lot. Plus, I’ll have eaten better, I’ll be running on race-day nerves, and people will be waiting out in the cold for me – all things that help me go faster. At the moment, my biggest concern is the course itself – I know there are some hills. If they are very significant, I could get in trouble pretty quick. I’ll still finish, but a lot of uphill will likely knock my time back quite a bit. Even so, right this second, I feel pretty good about March 15th!

It’s especially encouraging that I’m not all THAT sore from the run. My calves, abs, and neck are most affected and none are too painful at all. I don’t even feel the need for ibprofen.


In other news, yesterday’s 11 mile run pushed me over the 100 mile marker! My official mileage is 109.4 for 2008 as of this moment. That feels pretty darn incredible. I ran those 109.4 miles pretty slow, but dammit, I ran them, and I’m gonna run some more!

My official mileage for February was 45.2 with an average pace of 11:37. Could have been better, but could have been a lot worse, too.

Total known mileage on my current running shoes – 217.25 miles. (I say “known mileage” because I had run in them for a while before I started tracking my mileage.

In case you’re curious, I use the Runlicious application on Facebook to track my mileage. I’ll enter information on each run and race, complete with any notes, and it compiles and archives that information for me. It’s pretty handy for me since I’m on Facebook fairly frequently.


2 Responses to “11 Miles on a Beautiful Day & Breaking 100”

  1. hydrateme Says:

    You might want to check out a new hydration tool called ‘AquaJoe’. It’s designed to carry & dispense sports drink powder quickly & easily. It’s great for runs where you have access to clean water. There is a video of it on

  2. bendtheround Says:

    Neat! It looks like a medicine dispenser my mom had when I was a kid, but the theory seems sound. Thanks!

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