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Delicious! March 4, 2008

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I’m just a tad obsessive compulsive. It’s not even one of those things I’m working on. I figure that as long as I don’t need OTHER people to comply with my personal OCD tics, it’s probably not that big an issue. In fact, there are some aspects of being a teeny bit OCD that are a little fun. For example, I used to work for a large bookstore chain as a “Sales Associate.” During that time, one of my favorite things to do was working in the mass market section (paperbacks). I loved making sure that all the shelves were full because when they were, the tops of all the books were even. It’s loony, but that order and neatness just gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling. OK, it’s very loony.

What I’m getting at is that I like to organize. Periodically, I’ll try to reorganize my document filing on my computer, or reorganize my books, or my shoes. The thing is, I’m not that great at it. Maybe I have some Attention Deficit Disorder version of OCD because I almost inevitably lose interest in my reorganization before I finish it. If I do finish it, I’ll nearly always fall out of the habit of keeping up with the organization.

You’d think I’d be a prime target for the loads of organization tools out there. I’ve never been a big fan of them, really. They usually seem clunky or ugly or boring or all three. When I switched from PCs to my iMac, I became even more particular about the tools I like to use. So, when I stumbled on Delicious Library, I was stunned. It’s a tool to help you organize and maintain your media collection and it is the height of very awesome. The interface was gorgeous, easy, and fun and I wanted it. One of the coolest parts of the software was an available method of entry. You can use the iSight camera built into Mac computers to scan the book, CD, video game, or DVD UPC code and the information would auto-populate. Wow.

I downloaded the demo version and played with it a little – and liked it quite a bit. Matt told me that Delicious Library had a very good reputation, but that there had been some complaints about performance. He also said that the development team was aware of the performance issues and that they were working to fix it with the 2.0 version. So despite my case of techno-lust for this particular toy, I held off from forking over the $40 for the full version. (Also, my media collection is quite modest due to by general frugal nature…or cheapo nature if you’re less generous… so there really isn’t a need for fancy software to track it.)

Still, I’ve kept an eye on the company website for news on the 2.0 version. (You can still check out the 1.6.6 version there.) The release of Leopard for Apple computers raised my hopes for Delicious Library 2.0 – I had hoped that the release of Leopard meant that the release of the 2.0 version of DL was imminent. My hopes eventually faded as there was no word. Then, today, out of the blue, had an exclusive preview of Delicious Library 2.0! And they said that there’s a release date set for some time in March!

I can’t wait to check it out myself! It’s a tool I really don’t need… I just want it. But that’s techno-lust for ya.


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