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Last Weekend Before the Half March 10, 2008

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The weekend started out right on Friday night. Matt and I were watching a movie and heard a strange sound. At first, I thought the cat had something – a bug or a twist-tie or a toy – and was batting it around, but Matt quickly ID’d it. It was the ceiling. It was leaking. There’s a whole second story of house between the roof and the ceiling that was leaking, so despite the fact that it was raining, we immediately knew it was a plumbing problem of some sort. The ceiling was already starting to bubble unpleasantly, so we had to act fast. After some strategic scurrying around the house, we were unable to locate the source of the leak and were forced to shut the water off in an attempt to save the section of ceiling. Buckets were set out, the landlord was called (I left several messages in several voicemail inboxes). Once we had the water off, the leak slowed, and the ceiling didn’t seem like it was about to split open and rain down upon us, so we opted to wait for the landlord to call us back.

We slept late and had a light breakfast of oranges and tangerines. I didn’t want to cook anything because we had a limited amount of water left and because I wouldn’t be able to clean the dishes. The landlord still hadn’t called, and I had to get a 3 miler in, so I packed up my gym bag with the necessary toiletries and trucked on out to the rec center. I brushed my teeth and put my contacts in at the rec center, and tried to pretend this wasn’t unusual. (I had neglected to put my contacts in before I peeled the oranges. I wasn’t sure I could get all the citric acid off of my fingers without washing them properly. Any kind of acid in the eyes is not appealing to me at all, so I waited to put them in until I got to the rec center.) After that, I got my 3 mile run in on the treadmill and hopped on down to the locker room to shower.

The rec center has an incredibly awesome “Leisure Pool.” It has several water slides (one of which actually goes outside the building and comes back in), a lazy river, a jungle gym area, and a big hot tub. It’s packed with happy screaming children on the weekend, which means that the locker room is also packed with happy screaming children. I was lucky enough to find an unoccupied shower stall and got cleaned up. There were people waiting to shower, so I wrapped up in a towel and went to change in the locker room area. Being a shy sort of person, I like to pick a corner to face while getting dressed. I’m kinda glad I did this time. There was a group of little girls behind me somewhere taking group photos of themselves with someone’s cell phone. They were all dressed and everything, thank goodness. I hope my rear end isn’t in any of those photos.

The landlord called when I was on my way out of the rec center. The poor guy had been calling all three of us (Matt, Luke, and me) and had been unable to get any of us. Matt was at work (the reception is terrible there), Luke had been napping and had his cell phone off, and I had been in the bowels of the rec center trying to keep seven year old girls from taking photos that had my butt as a background. Anyhow, he and I were able to arrange to have a plumber come out.

I spent the rest of the day hanging about waiting for the plumber. He finally made it by that evening and was able to fix the problem pretty quickly. (thank goodness!) It turned out to be a leak in a supply pipe to a toilet upstairs.

Thus ended the adventures for the day.

Sunday was my last long training run before the half marathon. It was a beautiful day, but windy and a bit nippy out. I think it got up to the 40s, but it was hard to tell with the wind.

I had a really nice 12 mile route planned out. It took me through two wooded park/trail areas, both with nice little streams to run next to. The only problem was that I took a wrong turn in the first one and added a significant distance to my run before I was able to get back on course. As a result, I have no idea how far the route actually was.

I took the training run very, very easy. In fact, I walked a lot of it. As mentioned, it was a beautiful day…the sun was shining, and despite the cold, there were signs of spring everywhere. It was really nice to cruise along, enjoy the sights, and let my mind wander. I spent a significant amount of time waiting at crosswalks. I also stopped at the library to return a book and use the facilities. When I was about to leave the library, the landlord called again to check in. It was windy out, so I stayed put so we’d be able to hear each other. We had a nice little chat and agreed to arrange for him to come by to check out the damage to the ceiling some time this week. I even stopped a couple times to look at the streams I was going by. It had rained recently, and the extra water had made some interesting changes in places. One spot had been dammed up by leaves and sticks and such before, but a section had been swept away. Basically, it was more of a leisurely hike with occasional stretches of running. Boy, it was nice. Nice, but I won’t mention how long it took me to finally meander to the finish line. A long, long time.

This week is the taper before the half marathon. Oh, sweet, sweet taper, how I’ve looked forward to it. Now that the pressure is off, I feel more like running. Funny how that works, huh? Anyhow, total this week, I’ll run no more than 10 miles before the half marathon. Should be nice to purposefully have a low mileage week. 🙂


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