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Book 15: Weird Carolinas March 25, 2008

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The Weird <Your State Here> books are so much fun. I’ve read the one for Virgina and really loved it. Each book is a collection of local ghost stories, folklore, and general oddities. It turns out that there’s supposed to be a hitchhiker ghost on a road not far from where I live right now! I’ve driven on that road since and now I always keep an eye out for the ghost. (Not that I believe in ghosts… just at night… in the dark… when I’m by myself…)

Matt and I went to North Carolina in November for the first half marathon that I ran. I really liked it. I thought it’d be fun to learn about some of the weird and wonderful stories from the Carolinas – and it was!

I’d highly recommend checking out the Weird books. Read one for the state in which you live – or if you’re going to be traveling, definitely check it out before leaving. You’ll probably find some oddball stuff that you’ll want to check out!




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