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Book 18: The Outlaw Demon Wails April 11, 2008

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Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series took a downturn with the book previous to The Outlaw Demon Wails. It’s a fun series, with some fantastic characters, and a wonderfully constructed universe – very entertaining until the last book. I’m tickled that Harrison got right back on the horse and wrote what might be the best book in the series.

The main character, Rachel Morgan, is finally showing some serious growth, which was one of my main complaints about the last book. Morgan is something of an adrenaline-junkie who unintentionally puts her loved ones in danger. At the risk of being trite, it was refreshing to see the character find a way to be true to who she is and still keep her friends and family safe.

My only other minor complaint about the series is a personal one. As is to be expected from books with a provocatively dressed woman on the covers, there are sexual or sexually-charged scenes in the story. No problem there, really, it’s just that a majority of those scenes seem to be girl-on-girl (or girl-or-vampire-girl, if you’d like to be specific). The lesbian vampire stuff is definitely naughty, but it lacks the appeal for me that it probably has for others. Fortunately for me, the lesbian vampire stuff is at best a side-note.

The Rachel Morgan series is a load of fun and I do recommend it for anybody who enjoys Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series.


4 Responses to “Book 18: The Outlaw Demon Wails”

  1. righteousindigestion Says:

    I figured her for a pseudo Laurell K. Hamilton clone from the covers. Sounds like she’s masking a sexfest with occasional action. You think lesbian vampire pron is lame, try reading about lycanthropic orgies. I think Hamilton has a zoology book under her bed and just dreams up ways to have critters bang. I’ve given up on how many times Anita Blake has humped something.

  2. bendtheround Says:

    The same friend who recommended the Sookie books recommended this series – she’s also a big fan of the Anita Blake stuff. From her description, though, it doesn’t sound like it’s up my alley. I guess I like my action and porn like I like my whiskey, straight up and unadulterated.

    The Rachel Morgan stuff falls short of a full-on sexfest, though, I think. Her love life is featured more than Harry Dresden’s is in his (superior) series, but it’s not the *only* feature of the books. It’s something more than a side-line and less than the sole focus.

    Which reminds me – have you read Small Favor yet??? I’m gonna have to break down and buy the whole series after the move, so I’m waiting until then. Dying to know if it’s up to snuff, though.

  3. righteousindigestion Says:

    I have not yet read it. I contemplating purchasing it a B&N, but I’m trying to stay my hemmorahaging cashflow. It’s about to be picked up at the library as soon as I get my LA Public Library card. When I’m also hoping to pick up the second Sookie Stackhouse novel. Along with the Worth Without Us one. Your goddamn reading list is bleeding over on to mine, and I don’t appreciate it, Miss Bendtheround. Not one bit.

  4. bendtheround Says:

    Take heart! I’m burning out a bit on the non-fiction. I need my brain cells for other things these days, so I’m going to take a break and pick up some easy beach-read stuff instead. I was made to promise to read a Patricia Briggs series ASAP, so that’ll probably be the focus my next foray to the library. More books with provocatively dressed women on the covers…

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