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Back in the Saddle April 18, 2008

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I came down with a mind-numbing, brain-deadening headcold/chest cold/virus thing last week. At first, I thought I had strep, but the doc insisted that it was a virus. The result was that my running has been side-lined since last Thursday. I’d wake up in the morning when Matt, the dedicated soul he is, got up to go to the gym. I’d fully intend to get up as well, but simply failed. I’d be too tired after a night of fitful sleep and my throat would hurt and I’d just roll over like a lump and stay in bed.

I’ll say this for coming off a running habit – it sucks. When I stop running for a while, I start feeling chubby, which isn’t terribly pleasant. Between that and still being sick, I just haven’t felt all that great this past week.

Well, this morning, I was finally able to peel myself out of bed and hit the gym. I decided to do a nice easy two miler on the treadmill to ease back in (and not aggravate my cold) and it went remarkably well. Covered the readout with my towel and trotted on off, listening to some OK Go. I was surprised a while later when I checked my progress that I’d already gone a mile and I was scooting along at close to a 10 minute mile pace. Super cool.

I finished that two miler in 20:49. I was pretty darn happy with that for my first run after being sidelined by virus and general wussiness.

So, after running, I ambled on over to one of the multi-purpose rooms to get my yoga on. I finally made it all the way through the class and it was wonderful.

As mentioned in previous posts, I am trying to jump start my yoga practice. I spent some time going through the available yoga podcasts in iTunes and found one that’s got a LOT of promise. I’ve gotta hand it to the people over at, they can put together one heck of a yoga class. I’ve listened to a bunch of yoga-classes-via-podcast, and so far, this is hands-down the best one. Each podcast comes with a PDF demonstrating the series of poses, so you’ve got a visual. (I’ve checked out several yoga video podcasts, but as I’ll be practicing in the gym for now, it’s just not practical to have to watch a video.)

I’ve only listened to one class so far, but I was so impressed that I’m comfortable recommending the podcast with two reservations. The first one is the same reservation I have about yoga books and videos – they’re great resources, but I never recommend STARTING yoga without a good teacher. You really need a teacher to help you get the most out of your practice…and how to practice safely. Yoga is by-and-large low-impact, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you CAN hurt yourself.

The second reservation is that if you aren’t familiar enough with yoga poses, you’re not likely to know what to do fast enough to keep up. The class isn’t too fast-paced, but if you have to reference the PDF, you’re going to get left behind very quickly.

So! Basically, YogaDownload’s podcast is perfect for someone who’s had some moderate to significant yoga experience and is looking for a classroom guide in podcast form. If that’s you, check out YogaDownload – it’s pretty darn neat! The pace was great, challenging, but do-able – I was sweating just as hard as I was during the run toward the end. My only suggestion would be to stack some good cool-down/meditation music after the podcast. There’s about a minute of ambient type music at the end of the class, but I felt the need for some more quiet time at the end.


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