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Book 25: Blood Bound May 30, 2008

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Blood Bound is the second book in the Mercedes Thompson series. Where the first book focused largely on the werewolf culture in which Mercy grew up, the second outing for Mercy is essentially an exploration of the vampire culture in the series’ universe. It doesn’t disappoint.

Again, despite the provocatively clad female on the cover, the book is pretty darn far from trashy. As seems to be inevitable in series identified by the name of the lead female character, the reader does get tangled up a bit in Mercy’s love life. That element of the story is essentially a side-line, though, and again, nobody gets laid. Briggs handles it pretty well, in my opinion – she has her character acknowledge that there’s an issue to be dealt with in that area of her life, but correctly prioritizes and focuses her attention and energy on the main conflict. In this case, a “big nasty” that’s killing innocents left and right… I don’t see how the issue can be side-lined for much longer, though. The next book will likely have to deal with it one way or another. (In a nutshell, Mercy has to decide if she wants to be with guy A, guy B, or none of the above…and because guy A and B are both werewolves, there is a danger of them killing and eating someone if she doesn’t field the question well.)

I hesitate to say much more about the plot. If you liked Moon Called, Blood Bound is a great follow up. The universe is fleshed out without being overwhelming, and we learn some pretty interesting things about our heroine. I’ve already started the third (and most recent) in the series and will report as soon as I’ve finished it!


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